Purchase Program

PAHC Housing Services, LLC, works with the City of  Mountain View to help administer the Below Market Rate (BMR) Purchase Program. The purpose of the program is to provide the City of Mountain View with a supply of affordable housing for households who work or currently live in Mountain View.

The main goal is to provide an affordable, safe, clean living environment for those families and individuals making a contribution to Mountain View and its residents.

BMR Purchase Program Asset Limit

Currently, the elegibility requirement for the City of Mountain View’s BMR Purchase Program include asset limits. For all applicants, the maximum asset limit is the amount equal to the sales price of the unit. Assets include items such as checking and savings accounts, stocks and bonds, real property, boats, airplanes, expensive jewelry, and valuable fine art, coin and stamp collections. Accounts that have been established for retirement are not included as assets for the purpose of qualifying to purchase a BMR unit. There is no limit on the amount of gift or loan funds one can receive from family or friends.