Rental Program

PAHC Housing Services, LLC works with the City of Mountain View to help administer their Below Market Rate (BMR)  Rental Program, a program that provides rental units for qualified low-income households. Low-income households means a household whose income is between 50 to 80 percent of the median household income, adjusted for size, for Santa Clara County, as published periodically by the State Department of Household and Community Development. BMR renters are selected from a Waiting List and must meet special income and other eligibility requirements.

The waiting list for the rental program is currently closed. If you would like to submit your name to the City of Mountain View’s Interest List, you will be sent an email when the list re-opens again to let you know that you can submit an application at that point. Please make sure to type your information carefully, as any typos while adding your name to the interest list will result in you not receiving emails from PAH. Adding your name to the interest list IS NOT adding your name to the waitlistClick this link to add your name to the interest list here: