Independent Living for Seniors, Education for Youth, Capacity-Building for Adults, Health and Wellness for All.

Our Resident Services Program is an integral part of our mission. The Resident Services program aims to bring our community together to build capacity, unite for a common purpose, and to celebrate individual and community talents, skills and assets.

We strive to create an empowering living environment that supports our residents in reaching their goals. Whether it is helping seniors live independently, making it possible for those with disabilities to live autonomously and with dignity, or promoting stability so families can focus on education and careers, living in service-enriched affordable housing creates connected neighbors, engaged lives and bright futures.

What we offer
  • Onsite Educational & Wellness Programs


    -Referrals and applications for community resources

    -Classes and workshops for children, parents, adults, and seniors

    – After-school programs for youth

    – Summer programs for grades 1-12

    – Family Nights

    – Holiday Events

    – Job Coaching

    – Parent Support

    – Fitness Classes

    – ESL classes

    – Computer Literacy

    – Senior Wellness Services

Partners & Supporters

Thank you to our volunteers, partners and supporters who assist in the delivery of services and make all of our programs possible!