Beatriz joined Resident Services Team in January 2021


Beatriz joined Alta Housing’s Resident Services team in January 2021.  She shares her time between Webster Woods and Mariposa Club.

Where were you born?  Madrid, Spain.
Who is in your family?
My son Marc, who started at UW in Seattle last September, and me.
If you could have lunch with one famous person (dead or alive), who would it be?  Why?
I would love to have lunch with Gandhi who has inspired me. I would love to hear about his experiences.  He was a great leader for easing poverty, and expanding women’s rights.
What new skill/experience have you had since COVID-19?
I have become a Zoom expert. I use Zoom almost every day for work and I also have Zoom meetings on the weekends with my family and friends. We use Zoom to chat and watch Netflix movies together. I am thankful that we can still be social and connect with the people we love.