Board of Directors

Board Members
  • Margaret "Sandy" Sloan
    Retired Attorney
    Serving since 2014
  • Joseph F. Martignetti, Jr.
    Vice Chair
    Housing Development Executive
    Serving since 1987
  • Jessie Simerlein
    Vice Chair
    Real Estate Program Manager, Google
    Serving since 2016
  • Elizabeth Ratner
    Serving since 2009
  • Lori Saito
    Senior Relationship Manager, Wells Fargo
    Serving since 2016
  • Bonnie Packer
    Former Palo Alto Planning & Transportation Commissioner
    Serving since 2005
  • David Easton
    Vice Chair
    Serving since 1992
  • Ronald Hall
    Serving since 1984
  • Jean McCown
    Vice Chair
    Associate Vice President, Government Affairs, Stanford University
    Serving since 2006
  • Mark Moragne
    Commercial and Residential Developer
    Serving since 2000
  • Karen Routt
    CEO of Magnolia Prime
    Serving since 2018
  • Pat Showalter
    Former Mayor of City of Mountain View / City Council Member
    Serving since 2019
  • Jack R. Thompson
    Management Consultant
    Serving since 2019
  • Menka Sethi
    Housing Policy Expert - Consultant
    Serving since 2020
  • Rachel Horst
    Housing Project Manager, City of East Palo Alto
    Serving since 2020