Palo Alto Housing started 50 years ago to create affordable housing in Palo Alto. Today, we have over 2000 residents, and we are building new communities in San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties. In May 2020,  we announced our new name — Alta Housing — to reflect this growth.

Alta is a nod to our roots in Palo Alto, with Alta being very close to Alto. In Spanish, Alta means “high.” It also reminds us that our work is to go beyond providing housing — we are building communities.

Residents' Frequently Asked Questions
Will this change impact my rent?

No, the name change will not impact your rent.

Will you still be my Property Manager? Service Coordinator? Maintenance Tech?

Yes, the name change will not result in staffing changes or any changes to individual properties.

Will I still need to report my income & complete recertifications?

Yes. Reporting changes in income, household & recertifications will still be required.

Will my property still accept Section 8 vouchers?


Why did PAH do this?

Over the past five years, we have been acquiring sites and building affordable housing outside of Palo Alto. It’s time for our name to reflect our broader geographical scope.

Is PAH being sold?

No. PAH is a community-based, non-profit organization and remains a non-profit with the Alta Housing name. Our mission will remain the same. There will be no change in leadership, management staff, or Board of Directors, just a change of name.

Is my apartment complex being turned into market rate housing?

No. Your apartment complex will continue to be affordable housing.

Who do I make my rent check out to?

You will continue to make your check payable to your property and drop off, mail or pay on line in the manner you are currently paying.

Do I have to do anything because of this name change?

No, we wanted you to be aware of it. Alta Housing will be offering the same affordable housing and resident services that we have been.

Will you still be offering resident services/after school programs?

Yes. The name change will not impact programs that Resident Services currently offers.