Who Lives in affordable housing?

In Silicon Valley, the continued high price of housing coupled with stagnant wages have made the basic need for a safe and affordable home out of reach for an increasing number of people. Seniors, families with children, people facing health challenges or disabilities, or those who simply are starting a new phase of life- in short, people of all backgrounds live in affordable housing. They are our communities’ medical assistants, home health aides, nannies, paramedics, shuttle drivers and cashiers. Meet a few of the inspiring individuals and families who live in affordable homes.

Say Hello to Your Neighbors
  • Medical Assistant
    Medical Assistant
    Single Mother

    This is the story of a Palo Alto native and young single mother who didn’t just beat the odds—she cleared them! Finding affordable housing through Alta Housing allowed her to earn her bachelor’s degree while caring for her daughter. Today she is one of the smiling faces that help those in need at Stanford Hospital as a medical assistant.

    Why Give?
  • Retiree
    Grandmother of six

    After serving for decades in the Palo Alto school district, this 89-year-old retiree worried that her independence could be taken from her by economic factors. Affordable housing has allowed her to stay close to her family, participating in resident services that make her later years dignified and joyful.

    Senior Living Program
  • Medical Technician
    Medical Technician
    Father of three

    A tight-knit family had come to California to build a new life. Finding safety and affordability through Alta Housing allowed them a steady base from which to work hard—and succeed. The father, now in his dream job as a medical technician, is thankful to his community and beams with pride that all of his children are thriving in Palo Alto schools.

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