Sometimes, more is actually more.

That’s the funny thing about giving—you always end up with more.

Health begins at home. A stable, affordable home allows individuals and families to cook healthy food, get sound sleep, recover from illness and reduce the stress of struggling to make ends meet. Kids do best in school and life when they have a stable home where they can do their homework, spend time with family and feel secure. We focus on fundraising to support our Resident Services Program, providing individuals, families and children with community resources, after school programs, and health services.

Your support helps residents retain health and wellness, life stability and impacts generations to come. All donations are tax deductible by the donor as allowed under IRS regulation 501(c)(3).

We also welcome equipment/in-kind donations for our Resident Services Program to support our computer learning centers, after-school programs, and family services.

Any special requests, questions or contributions, please get in touch.